We believe that inspiration comes from the space you inhabit. Plant yourself in a beautiful space and you cultivate, you create, you develop work with purpose.

What is The Balance Project?

A collaborative and creative shared-working space where people can pursue their work, passions, and ideas. A unique art-deco building situated in the heart of St Heliers.

Designed to attract innovators, thinkers, and creators. It is our vision to create an environment where motivated members come together to grow themselves, their business, and each other.

We provide a space for those who need time, space and a collaboration, creative environment to create work, form ideas and thrive.

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Our Difference

Co-working spaces are nothing new. We’re not reinventing the wheel here, simply enhancing it.

We’ve combined the one thing that every other space like ours seems to have forgotten, the thing that truly makes us as humans thrive: balance. This is no battery-hen environment; think large spacious desks, natural light, fresh air, community, and just a moment from the ocean. Surrounded by everything you need – beach walks, local amenities, great cafés, waterfront restaurants, the list goes on.


The Balance Project is the perfect creative hub based in the Eastern Suburbs. I really enjoyed hosting Balancing Act’s workshop there. The venue space is ideal if you want to create an inviting and intimate environment but still fit a decent amount of people.
The layout encourages people to network and feel relaxed in a cosy and warm space. It really is the perfect place to collaborate on some brilliant ideas and bring new ways to speak about modern day ideas/issues.


Proudly home to some great small kiwi businesses

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